Media agency that captures all you could possibly imagine

Welcome to the heart of our expertise—video production! We specialize in crafting compelling video advertisements tailored for social media, websites, and television. Creating narrative-rich, emotion-evoking videos is not just our skill; it’s our passion.

We also help with video design with years of experience.

Videos for your needs

We take pride in utilizing the latest technology and techniques in our industry to ensure that each project not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. Years of experience, coupled with ongoing training and development, ensure that we stay at the forefront of the industry and can provide our clients with the best possible services.


  • Advertisement and brand videos

    Advertisement videos enable the presentation of versatile content, allowing the telling of stories and showcasing your products in action. Different audio and visual elements help create a brand image that aligns with your company. These videos are often produced in a shorter format, designed to pique interest and encourage a closer look into the company.

  • Customer Stories

    Take pride in your own references! Sharing the success of your product or service can be tricky, so why not let your customers speak for themselves? This video is a win-win for both you and your customers!

  • Events

    We have filmed various parties, gigs, and events.

    We promise that the marketing of your next event will be easier with the high-quality aftermovie we produce! It’s also nice to watch a video of your own party even after tens of years.

  • Documentary video

    Documentation should be considered as an option for e.g. extensive construction projects or other long-term work performances.

    Our day-based pricing, itemized for editing, is transparent, making it easy to estimate production costs based on it.

  • Music videos

    This is where it all began. Our passion for visual storytelling originates from music videos. Whether it’s a traditional performance video serving as a band introduction or a more ambitious narrative-driven piece, we craft a visual identity that truly complements the essence of the song!

  • Instructional video

    With our instructional video, your customer will learn to use your product so well that you don’t have to answer the same questions every day. Not everyone can read the user manual.


  • Corporate video

    Corporate videos focus more on your company’s services, concept and working methods. With the help of this video, you will improve the image of your employer, the impression of the quality of your brand, and ordering from your company will be easier.

  • Recruitment video

    The recruitment video often uses a company video as the frame and your employees can be interviewed in it. So let’s give an honest impression of the employer and it’s worth giving a direct tip about open positions at the end. The acquisition cost of the video turns into a reasonable investment, when the next recruitment need marketing material, we only film the new end.

  • Product introduction videos

    If it is a functional product, you should definitely make video of it. Period.

    Let’s take, for example, the well-known trampoline. A picture of a trampoline vs. a video of a happy child doing tricks. Seeing which one would you be more likely to make a purchase decision yourself? Every product needs to be branded and we can do it!


Surprisingly little!

These are rough estimates for pricing, but it’s important to remember that each project requires different investments: planning, actors, voice actors, and sound design. Our strength lies in adapting to the specific needs of the project without unnecessarily increasing production size, so we can also provide budget-friendly solutions.

  • A short social media video. Starting price 800€

    An under 30 second clip for social media is often produced in conjunction with another video production but can also be ordered separately from us.

  • Company presentation video. Starting price 1800

    Comprehensive presentation of your company, with optional narration. We can also provide skilled voice actors proficient in English, Swedish, and, of course, Finnish.

    This encompasses a planning session, scriptwriting, shot list creation, and a single day of efficient shooting.

  • Customer satisfaction video. Starting price 1200€

    Clearly the most popular product due to its simplicity.

    Choose a customer from your references and provide us with their contact information. We will take care of scheduling and filming on your behalf.

Ready for your next project?

We certainly are! Get in touch and tell us if your marketing needs more video, advertising, or 3D imagery. We’d be happy to share more information, assist with planning and anything else that we could possibly help with.
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2. Data controller

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4. The name of the register

Customer, partnership and marketing register.

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