Wind power

Huuru Media and wind power

At Huuru Media we have produced several video productions for companies working in the field of wind power and our knowledge of wind power activities is comprehensive. Our products in the field of wind power are construction documentaries, 3D models and advertisements. We are aware that working in the field requires precise brand planning and that is why our priority is to produce very high quality video productions.

Wind farm construction documentary

We produce high quality construction documentaries that suit your needs.

3D modeling

In our experience it is easier to outline visual impairments and power plant area from 3D modeled video.

By using GPS we are able to model the power plant for the video realistically. With the help of our equipment and workmanship we can get close to photorealistic result. The style of the video can be edited to suit your intended use whether it is an advertisement or visual impairment observation for the inhabitants of the municipality.


Tell us which target group you want to influence and we will produce an advertisement for you with experience and professionalism


Pekka Seppälä

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